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Nocturnal Mom Travels: Nagsasa

While it’s scorching hot in Metro Manila, P and I together with his friends experienced heavy rains on our Zambales trip. So how did our beach adventure go? Were we disappointed? Find out kung kami ay #NagsisisaNagsasa


Nagsasa Cove is located in Pondaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, 4-5 hours away from Manila. My husband and I travel yearly to celebrate our bf-gf and wedding anniversary and if you have read my previous posts, it’s always my circle of friends who’s with us when but this time around, ako ang bitbit 🙂 P’s friends invited me and I’m thankful they did.


Our group was welcomed by dark clouds in San Antonio. We could not board the boat right away because of the weather. Pagod at puyat na kami kaya kain na kain na kami eh! Haha! After waiting for half an hour, we crossed the sea going to Nagsasa for 45 minutes. Good thing one of us who’s a friend of a friend has relatives living there that’s why looking for a place to stay was not a problem.


 Since it was Monday, May 6, there were less people in the area. Parang kami nga lang eh. We just dropped our stuff and started to eat right after we landed. Ate Mayann cooked menudo as our baon. She prepared almost everything that we would need for our trip. Thank you, Ate! After that hearty breakfast, we rested and waited for lunch time. Yes, kain ulit! Haha! Our crew could not do much because it’s raining. While the others prepped our lunch and slept, P and I played cards and some of the boys went out to get banana leaves which would be used for our boodle fight.


Everyone’s excited for tinola using native chicken. Ang sarap pala kapag native na manok ang gamit, mas malasa ang ulam. Try to look for native chicken in Manila, I think it’s available in Balintawak Market.

For me, Kilawin na Tuna was the star of the afternoon.

Ate Mayann’s kilawin

Anyhoo, P and his friends had drinks while playing cards and exchanging stories. We were patiently waiting for the sun to show up but we realized it’s never going to shine that’s why we just decided to swim while it’s raining. Ang saya pala ng ganun! The water was both cold and warm. Malamig sa surface pero sa ilalim maligamgam.


After about an hour of swimming, sound trip and drinking, we took a nap and woke up just in time for dinner.

courtesy of Kool

Boodle fight at its best! We indulged ourselves in liempo, fish and grilled eggplant. The boys grilled our food. Sirang sira ang diet-dietan ko ha! Haha! Masarap kumain kapag maraming kasabay especially when you like the people around you 🙂

I was excited when I heard that we were going to have bonfire by the beach and thought of having smores but I forgot to bring marshmallows and the store in the area was closed already. My husband and his friends played cards, I tried to sleep on his lap while the others looked for crabs and went fishing.

At around 12 midnight, it started to rain again and that’s when we decided to hit the sack. I was not able to rent a tent and just slept on top of the table in one of the vacant cottages. Masakit sa likod besh! Haha! I could not sleep well but it’s fine because after a few hours, I heard the others were preparing our breakfast using the fresh fish they caught last night. We woke up at 5:30am and shared one of the best breakfasts of my life.

napakasarap na breakfast
longganisa, salted egg and tomatoes

In fairness umaraw ng very very light kinabukasan. We did trekking and climbed up high to appreciate Nagsasa more. Ang ganda lalo ng place! It was just a bit scary because the earth was slippery. We walked barefoot.





Everyone’s catching their breath when we reached the ground. My feet ached as well as my back but the beauty that I saw made every pain worth it.

Before lunch time, we had our last round of swimming, kulitan and picture taking.

courtesy of Kool


courtesy of Paso
Tank and Fighter





We left the place shortly after lunch.. Huge waves shook our boat and I swear I thought we were going to sink. I started to pray and told myself that my children are still young, who’s going to take care of them if we die here? Napaka OA talaga ni Meg! But it’s true. My husband kept on looking at the boatman’s face to check if he’s still calm or worried. Thank God we safely arrived in San Antonio where our van was waiting for us.

Everyone’s home at around 8pm, all smiles, tired but enjoyed every moment of our Zambales trip. All I can say is #HindikaminagsisisaNagsasa 🙂


Thank you to my husband’s friends, I never felt out of place. Marami pa sana akong hugot na pang asar kaso magagalit na si Dante Gulapa LOL! My heart’s not yet in the level where I want it to be but thank you for your concern (especially Ate Mayann and Dianne) Next time ulit 🙂

If you’re planning to visit Nagsasa, here are some tips I have for you.

1. The locals told us that they experience rain as early as May so March and April would be the perfect month for your summer getaway.

2. Better to bring your own food because the stores in the area are few and the items are a bit expensive.

3. If you want to go trekking, rent a bamboo stick for support.

4. One of the fishermen said the best time to go home would be in the morning when the sea is still calm and true enough huge waves terrified us when we travelled back home after lunch.

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15 thoughts on “Nocturnal Mom Travels: Nagsasa”

  1. Tamang basa lang TL sa biyahe ko HAHAHA biglang na-notify eh HAHAHAHA

    “…but the beauty that I saw made every pain worth it.” -IpelYo TL hahaha

    Pero nung umuwi na kayo sobrang OA mo na tapos nabasa ko yung word na OA HAHAHAHA you made my day TL 😅♥️😊

    Yung horror naman TL sa susunod na post hihihi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Been there before, and true ang ganda diyan. Ang peaceful, ang ganda ng color ng tubig sobrang clear pa. Walang kuryente pero naman ang langit kapag gabi, kitang-kita ang mga kumukuti-kutitap na mga bituin, may sandaliang meteor shower pa kami nakita. Namiss ko tuloy. HAHA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. may kuryente na ngayon sa Nagsasa. May videoke pa tapos yung store malapit sa cottage namin naka cable pa haha! Yung friend ko rin nung pumunta sila rito dati, walang kuryente tapos yung CR ay tabing lang ng tela. Maayos na ang mga CR ngayon saka in fer malinis hehe.


      1. Ay talaga? Haha nung nagpunta kami wala pang kuryente kaya nung gabi sobrang kitang-kita ang mga stars talaga tapos ang maririnig mo mga kuliglig tska yung waves ng dagat pero maayos na yung cr nila nun, wala lang talagang ilaw. HAHA kaya kami nun de flashlight, mga sariling dala.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. may ilaw na yung mga cottage pero oo kitang kita pa rin ang stars. ang sarap mahiga sa tabing dagat hehe. Sayang naguulan nung gabi natigil ang bonfire.


  3. What a beautiful story! I loved the food, the excitement, and the friendship. I shared this on LinkedIn, because if it weren’t for blogs, I’d never have taken this trip.

    Thanks to your words and photos, I now have!

    Liked by 1 person

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