How Are The Kids Doing?

The first half of the year had gone by swiftly. Truth be told l, I’m still stuck with everything that had happened these past 6 months- some were good, mostly unexpected and heartbreaking. But I am glad that when it comes to the kids, I have a lot of happy stories to share.

My first born is in 6th grade already. I think she’s as tall as me now. Puberty hit her during quarter 4 of 2018 and up until now, it has not sinked in yet that we are going to have a teenager next year. When I learned that her time of the month had started, I talked to her about hygiene, how important it is to keep herself clean at all times so she would be odor-free. Once, I asked if I could smell her underarms and it took a lot of effort for her to allow me to do so. Haha! I gave her her own baby powder, cologne, pads and deodorant.


Since Ate is practically growing up fast, I cleaned up her closet and removed clothes that don’t fit anymore. This meant we had to buy Ate new shirts, shorts and undergarments. Would you believe that her shoe size is 8 (adult)? Mas malaki pa sa akin! We invested in her school shoes and I am crossing my fingers that it would last until the school year ends.

Her favorite pastime is watching BlackPink (dududu) videos and vlogging. Yes, she vlogs but I don’t upload it on social media. What does she vlog about? Makeup! Yes, makeup! Haha! She uses mine when she takes a video of herself. I was mad at first because that’s my stuff (although I don’t have a lot, just lippies, eyeshadow, powder and concealer) but just decided to let Ate do what she likes. Maybe I’ll get her some makeup for teenagers next time. Pagiisipan ko pa haha! But in all fairness to my daughter, she’s spontaneous! Artista! Minsan, magcollab tayo ha *wink*



Now let’s go to my bunso. Not sure if I was able to share that 2 months ago, his pedia informed me that Z is underweight. My heart broke and I questioned myself if I’m being a good mother and so we started our Oplan Patabain si Z. Lol. We bought the prescribed vitamins and made sure he eats a lot everyday. It’s not that we don’t do this but we don’t force him to eat if he does not want to. He does not drink milk anymore but since he loves strawberry-flavored food, I asked if he would like to try Bear Brand Strawberry and he loved it! Bread is always available at home because Z likes it as well as banana and orange. We noticed that his appetite has increased at nagmemerienda na po sya ng kanin! I checked his weight last weekend and from 16kgs., he’s currently weighing 18 kgs. Yay! Nasa normal range na for his age. Achievement na sya for us! Good job, anak!

Ate’s pre-school teacher is now Z’s. Teacher O is strict but I’m confident that Z will learn more from her. There’s writing homework everyday and the problem we had before was, the baby boy did not want to write. Spanking is the last thing I want to do which is why I had to stretch my patience and did not forget that I am teaching a 5-year old sweet boy. Surprisingly, I have started to enjoy our writing sessions and Z now loves to write. I also became creative in teaching him how to write certain letters (for B, I say “guhit pababa, buntis sa taas sa baba) Hahaha! Funny but I swear it works *wink* Will share our writing story soon!

That’s how the kids are lately. It feels good to write something about them after a long time of just posting about myself and what I’m going through. Ate and Z keep me from falling apart. I hope the second half of the year would be better for our family. I hope I could be a better mom not just til the end of the year but forever. I love you, mga anak *sniff*

Ate and Z’s greatest fan,


15 thoughts on “How Are The Kids Doing?”

  1. Hello Meg! Your kids are sooo cute! 🙂 I’m not a mom but I find this post, um, nostalgic? Hehe. I remember when I was 12 and was reading those pre-teen books (Meg Cabot’s “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”, etc). I also tried putting on make-up but my brother said I looked like a clown so I just stuck with my books, haha.

    Here’s to wishing you all the best in your mommy journey! Naks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, girl! Naku parang gusto kong basahin yang book ni Meg Cabot. Si Ate at first ang kapal din mag makeup haha! Ang reaction ko lagi “para kang multo!” pero ngayon umaayos na.

      Thank you sa wish mo haha ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe. Basahin mo, or ipabasa mo sa iyong mahal na pre-teen kung mahilig siyang magbasa. Kyut ‘yung book e, tungkol sa pagdadalaga hehe.

        Walang anuman! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ay talaga may tawag pala sa pinagsasabi ko haha! Feeling ko nga nakakatawa lang syang pakinggan kasi sa Q sinasabi ko pa “bilog may bigote” haha! Thank you! May bago akong natutunan ☺️


  2. Oh Meg, what a sweet photo of your kids! Bless Ate and Z, and good luck with his health. 🙂

    Take good care of yourself––so important to be gentle with you as you go through your daily life. That’s a part of why I love forgiveness so much.

    🙂 Debbie


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