5 Mom Tips for a Less Stressful Writing Lesson With Kids

I am sure moms will agree that one of the hardest things that we need to teach our kids is writing. Aside from guiding our kid’s hand while they write, you have to repeat instructions until they finish filling out the whole paper. My youngest has transferred to another school and while I know in my heart that he will learn how to read and write better than how he did last year, P and I are challenged because Z’s homework is always writing- numbers, letters, names. Not to mention the book assignment every weekend. Whew! Pahingi po ng maraming pasensya!


I’m not proud to admit this but when my eldest was in pre-school , I used to raise my voice and hit her hand when she did not want to write or couldn’t write the letters correctly. Learning how to write should not be an unpleasant experience and there’s no way I would repeat my mistakes to my son (the raise of voice maybe uh, a bit) I’m not the most patient mom out there that’s why before our writing journey even started, I told myself that Z is a sweet boy and I should be a better teacher this time.

If you’re a mom who feels stressed when you teach your kids how to write, here are some tips for a less painful writing session with your pre-schooler from someone who’s still in the process of mastering these 🙂

1. Patience is a talent

I heard this from one of my colleagues 5 years ago during our training and I wholeheartedly agree! As a coach, my most important task is to develop people through teaching and sometimes, those who cannot not catch up fast dries up my patience. Although I never shouted at anyone or made my agents feel bad because of this, the stress that I feel after our coaching sessions affects my whole being. My Z used to cry when we do his writing homework after school. So many times I thought of spanking and shouting but I always tell myself that he’s just a kid and my heart would break if I hurt him that’s why I needed to extend my patience. And I did. Never thought that I could do it. I guess when you try to take the higher road, it changes you for the better. I feel less stressed, too.

2. Remember thet everybody has their own learning pace

Z loves to play and writing made his playing hours brief. I would love to sleep longer and uninterrupted but writing made my hours of sleep even shorter. I always want Z to finish his homework quickly so I could rest early and when I do this, he would complain and cry for I force him to write. He wants it be done at his own pace. At first, I got frustrated for I feel like I’m the mom and I should have the final say “kapag sinabi kong magsulat, magsulat!” but when I noticed that he would write without me telling him after I let him do what he wanted (read: tumayo at pumunta sa Alphabet and Number charts,magtanong na hindi related sa pagsusulat at kumanta kanta) after writing a few letters or numbers, that made us finish faster. When he says “pagod na ako Mama” and he’s done with a handful of pages, I let him play, eat merienda or rest. I guess it’s true when they say “hayaan mo sya, matututo rin yan.”

3. Do not take away the fun

After a few weeks of tough time during our sesh, there’s no more crying and whining. Yay! But what this naughty boy does now is, he makes fun of me. He would purposely write incorrectly then laugh. I used to say, “ ayyyy si Zady…” pero naisip ko na lang na sakyan ang trip nya. When he does this, I would also laugh then tell him sweetly “sulat mo na yung tamang letter, anak.” I guess that’s his own way of making writing fun and not burdensome.

4. Trust your kids

I used to guide him in writing every single letter or number until he is done but the moment I knew that after teaching him how to write a few he could do it without my help, I let Z do it alone. I simply tell him, “tapusin mo na yan magtitiklop si mama” or sometimes “manonood lang ako saglit habang nagsusulat ka.” Of course my eyes are still on him and he stops halfway but I’m glad that I can trust him now. I don’t have to hold his hand all throughout our session. I guess trusting Z made him feel confident that he can do it.

5. Mnemonic helps

Thank you to Miss N for I’ve learned that what I’m doing to help Z remember how to write letters is mnemonic. I just did what my mother used to do when she was teaching me how to write. When we write a letter, I “describe” how the letter looks like and what he needs to write first. An example is letter B. I would say “guhit pababa, buntis sa taas, buntis sa baba) LOL! Funny but it works! Bondat kasi si B haha! For letter M, it’s “McDo na malaki!” Z remembers X thru Samurai X. He would always say “Samurai X” when he writes the letter X. This helps him retain knowledge on how to write letters and numbers. My husband who’s in-charge of teaching him at night applies mnemonics, too!

Z is making progress everyday when it comes to writing and we are proud of him. His coloring skill is improving, too! (konti na lang ang lagpas) I was the happiest when I saw that he can write his name (kulang kulang lang ang letters hehe) Can’t wait for my boy to be able to read and write our names. Go, go, go, Didi! I hope you learned something from this post. Next challenge, my eldest’s study habits. Challenge accepted! Will keep you guys posted. If you have something to add on my list, feel free to share 🙂


12 thoughts on “5 Mom Tips for a Less Stressful Writing Lesson With Kids”

      1. Right? Omg! I’m tired of doing her homework and so is her mom. she only goes to school so that she can spend time in the pool. Mom’s trying hard to teach her alphabets but you know how it goes.

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  1. What I do to Sandra is I always look at her mistakes and ask her to repeat it until it’s perfectly written.

    Kaya ngayon, binilhan ko nalang siya ng typewriter para di na siya mahirapan.

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