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Start The Year Right With 2020 Planners

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m sure that just like me, you also look forward to a better year with positive vision about 2020. There’s a lot of goals and plans that we have in mind and we can’t wait to achieve and make them happen. For 2020, I have two planners that will help in making sure that I am on the right track as I have a tendency to become unorganized when there’s a lot of things to think of and remember. Sa dalawang planners na meron ako, dapat umayos na talaga ang buhay ko ha *wink*

Since I am a working mom, I need to maintain two planners – one for home and one for work. Tadaa! Here are my kikay planners are from National Bookstore and Starbucks.


I couldn’t decide at first which one to use where because the SB was unexpected but since NBS has a budget tracker, I kept it at home. Here’s how the NBS planner looks like:



You have the current month’s calendar view. I write birthdays and other important events on this page.

Dotted pages are for the daily/weekly spread. It’s minimal which is perfect because I don’t really like having to fill out a lot when there’s not much that I do at home. Aside from a few errands that I have to finish or remember, I write bible verses and happy memories on these pages.


When I was using plain notebooks before, I create my own weekly spread on blank pages which was enjoyable but the problem was I couldn’t keep up. Since I had to find a newdesign or template every week, it felt like an obligation rather than a hobby. Which is why my new home planner is just right as I don’t have to decorate it anymore. If you’re like me who does not have time to design, try this one.

This Budget Tracker is a great tool to make sure that all expenses are listed down.

This NBS planner has this extra pages for Travel Goals, Book Reviews and Holiday Checklist.

The best part? I took it home for just 200php! Planners don’t have to expensive, just find the right one for you.

Now let’s take a look into my Starbucks planner. My boss gave it to me as a surprise for Christmas. I’m using this at work and it’s really effective in helping me accomplish tasks and remember what was talked about during meetings.


 I was to hesitant to use it when I found out how it looks like because the space looks small to me. To make sure that I don’t run out of space, I keep my font size small LOL.


It does not have the calendar view per month unlike the NBS but it has blank pages where I write my notes and has dotted pages, too, at the back. The planner comes with an uber cute pouch, bookmark, stickers and of course, Starbucks coupons. If you’re not a fan of coffee, you can get this from people who sell theirs but you can have this planner for free if you complete SB’s sticker booklet. I’m not so sure though if SB still runs this promo.

I love these planners because of its simplicity. I recommend them to everyone especially to moms who need something to write on either for planning or journaling purposes. There’s no effort needed in coloring borders or putting on stickers if you’re the busy type. Their designs are not too much but just enough to put life on every page.

Remember that what’s important is you use your planner consistently to help you plan ahead, document memories and achieve your goals daily, monthly and all throughout the year.


With You in Wishing That Your Plans Will Happen This Year,




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21 thoughts on “Start The Year Right With 2020 Planners”

  1. Sa blog na ‘to, bigla kong naalala na nag-viber ka sakin at inisip nang mabuti kung nareplyan ba kita. Wahahaha. I’m so lost.

    Same tayo ng SB planner. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Gusto ko yung color. Hehehe. Tho ako naman eh kahit anong planner basta may sulatan ng daily to do’s. Mas malaking sulatan, mas maigi, bilang mahaba ang listahan ko. Hehehe. Ito lang kasing SB ang madaling makuha for me. Mahal din kasi talaga ang planner pag binili. Kung may magbibigay eh salamat diba? Hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oo ang mahal. Hindi pati ako mahilig sa kape (ang totoo wala akong budget pang SB haha!) Parang dati may pangakong planner sakin si Jheff haahhan


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