Nocturnal Mom Cooks: Homemade Samgyupsal Plus Jin Joo Review

After the Enhanced Community Quarantine was implemented and there’s less outside world experience , let’s admit that we already miss what we used to do, dining in our favorite restaurant, for instance. Before the President declared the first lockdown, my team had the chance to share a hearty samgyupsal lunch. But who says quarantine will prevent you from enjoying grilled pork and beef wrapped in lettuce, dipped in hoi sin sauce or melted cheese? Quarantine ka lang, gutom kami!

My husband thought of having samgyupsal as our dinner last week and with no hesitation, I started searching for recipes online. Some are a bit complicated and requires ssamjang and other korean sauce. I was afraid that I may not find some of these in the supermarket that’s why I chose the simplest recipe that I came across with and made my own version. Sharing this with you so you can try it, too.


1 kilo pork, sukiyaki cut ( you may also want to try pork belly or other cuts)
1/2 kilo beef, sukiyaki cut
150 grams Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce (you can use your preferred brand)
2 tbsp Lee Kum Kee Hoi Sin sauce
1 box quick melt cheese (for dip)
salt and pepper


1.Marinate half of pork and beef using oyster sauce and 2 tbsp of Hoi Sin sauce.

2. Using salt and pepper, “marinate” the remaining meat

3. Prepate lettuce by washing it in running water then separate the leaves . For the cheese, slice it into cubes for it to melt more quickly

4. After marinating for 3 hours, you may start grilling the meat and you can also put the saucer with cheese on the griller for it to melt. Check the griller’s temperature from time to time to avoid burnt meat.

5. Wrap the cooked meat in lettuce (you may dip it in melted cheese or Hoi Sin sauce)  or top it on hot rice

6. Grill, dip, eat. Repeat. Enjoy!


The kids loved the grilling part. We also bought some hotdogs for them to cook and we let them do it by themselves. Would you believe that my mother-in-law cooked rice three times that night? That’s how much we took delight in making our own samgyupsal and eating with the whole family. At ang sarap daw ng timpla ko sa meat. Weeee! This homemade samgyupsal is affordable, too! Our total expenses was only  a little over 1000php for 8 people.


Next time mas gagalingan ko pa. I’ll include fish cake and kimchi as side dishes and some korean sauce for a more authentic samgyupsal experince 🙂  Please share some of the food you cooked at home when ECQ started  so I can try ’em, too.



Here are my team’s lunch date pictures and a quick review of Jin Joo in Glorietta 4.

Food- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love their kimchi, baby potatoes and fish cake! Their meat is tasty although I felt like it tasted all the same after we asked for the second batch of orders. Side dishes and rice and nagdala! Super busog!


Service/Staff – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We sat on separate tables because the server did not want us to use the circular table which has 7 seats. She told us it has to be cleaned first. I told her we would wait but we found ourselves utilizing 2 recrangular tables which  is good for 4 persons per table.  So magkakalayo kami, may sarili sariling gobyerno ng kwentuhan, sayang naman. When they served the first batch of meat, I asked the server for the flavors but she just told me “best sellers po namin yan” sabay alis. Kaya di ko na alam kung naorder na ba namin sa start yung mga naorder namin sa second batch.


Place- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jin Joo is spacious with tables good for small and big groups. The place is bright although it does not have much korean vibes. Baka di ko lang maalala kung may background music at maraming korean designs sa wall and displays. I remember their couch is too low so if you’re petite like me, wag ka umupo sa couch, baka mahirapan kang gumalaw. Overall the environment is clean and it’s a decent place to dine into.



Rating: Highest- 5 ⭐️s

Cheers to More Salu-salo With Loved Ones,


18 thoughts on “Nocturnal Mom Cooks: Homemade Samgyupsal Plus Jin Joo Review”

  1. Sarap! Thanks sa recipe.. Bookmarked! 😄
    Share ko kay misis pag uwi ko, malamang next year 😅
    Sabi sa pag aaral, effective daw ang advertisement kapag nagutom ka.. Nakakagutom! Taz ung gulay e pampawala ng guilt hehe

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