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From Tapsilog to Suman: My Family’s Heart’s Day Story

This is so late but I want to share our Valentine’s Day celebration because we had many firsts as a family. It’s nothing grand but just like me, I’m certain that my children and husband will not forget that day. My husband never fails to give me chocolates and/or flowers every February 14th. This year,… Continue reading From Tapsilog to Suman: My Family’s Heart’s Day Story

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Longest January Ever

In my previous post, I shared how positive we are this 2020. We welcomed this year with a renewed hope but it seems like January started (and ended) with tragic, devastating and alarming news. Don’t you feel like it’s the longest and saddest January ever? Hindi kumalma si January, nkklk! The first news that shocked… Continue reading Longest January Ever

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Start The Year Right With 2020 Planners

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m sure that just like me, you also look forward to a better year with positive vision about 2020. There’s a lot of goals and plans that we have in mind and we can’t wait to achieve and make them happen. For 2020, I have two planners that will help in making… Continue reading Start The Year Right With 2020 Planners

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I Say “Hello, Thirty!”

Guess what? I turned thirty years old yesterday! Yay! I don’t  mind telling people my age because I believe that the older someone get, the wiser and better she becomes and I hope I can apply this to myself *wink* My birthday was simple, pretty quiet if I may add, but I loved it because… Continue reading I Say “Hello, Thirty!”

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A Father’s Story 2: Conversations

In honor of my father, the joker and jolly one, I present to you our real, funny conversations when he was still alive. Life was tough for us but it’s not always bad because my father tried to make us laugh with his remarks and made up stories about aswang and Rere Laput Laput *LOL*… Continue reading A Father’s Story 2: Conversations