Husband, I Love You But…

Dear P, I love you but... 1. I hate it when you don't allow me to watch Korean series on weekends 2. You don't like going to Starbucks (I want their chocolate cake) 3. You don't like to try the new Samgyeopsal place in Caloocan 4. It's hard to wake you up in the morning … Continue reading Husband, I Love You But…


Multiply Memories 1: On Our 5th Year

Is there anyone here who used to have a Multiply account? It was the coolest blogging platform back in college! That time, blogging for me was like posting a Facebook status.  Anyhoo, it broke my heart when Multiply revamped. Luckily, I was able to save my blog posts ( but all in text form) before … Continue reading Multiply Memories 1: On Our 5th Year

Dear P

My daughter told me her assignment was to write a letter to someone. I was surprised when she chose her father. The husband smiled when he read the letter. "I know you are working hard for me and my brother." The little lady sure knows how to appreciate what Papa does for us. She made … Continue reading Dear P