2nd and 3rd Liebster Award

I received my 2nd and 3rd Liebster Award. Thank you, Angel and Aubu22 for the nomination. Sorry for not doing it soon for I had to take care of some stuff. I  appreciate you guys for remembering me. I feel like I've found friends through blogging 🙂 Rules: •Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you •Answer the … Continue reading 2nd and 3rd Liebster Award


Liebster Award

I'd like to thank aysabaw for my first ever nomination. You're so thoughtful 🙂 I often see pictures of blog awards but I did not know what it means until now 🙂 I am new in blogosphere (I used to blog but that's for rant purposes only lol) I know I'm not doing this properly … Continue reading Liebster Award