How Are The Kids Doing?

The first half of the year had gone by swiftly. Truth be told l, I’m still stuck with everything that had happened these past 6 months- some were good, mostly unexpected and heartbreaking. But I am glad that when it comes to the kids, I have a lot of happy stories to share. My first born… Continue reading How Are The Kids Doing?

HAPPYness Project

A Tribute To All Moms

For carrying a little human inside your womb for 9 months For sleepless nights, messy hair, no-bath days and sometimes skipping meals For keeping the house clean, making sure we eat well and our needs are provided For putting your family first at all times For setting aside your wants and sometimes forgetting who you… Continue reading A Tribute To All Moms


20 Reasons Why

My daughter went home from school last week with a consent form that says I am giving her the permission to attend Journalism class everyday at 10:50 am. I smiled because I was in Journalism class, too, when I was in elementary and high school. I wrote for our school paper. I asked her if… Continue reading 20 Reasons Why


Sando, Summer, School (LHD April and May)

Since I skipped this post last April, I would like to end May with LHD. Ang bilis ng pasukan! And I'm excited for my Ate to go back to school even if it means more assignments, reviews and projects are coming because she's in the  fifth  grade  already. Wew, in two school years, P and… Continue reading Sando, Summer, School (LHD April and May)


Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Child’s Small Wins (LHD January)

Is it just me or are kids really growing up so fast nowadays? There are times when I feel like I am missing a lot since I am a working mom. Guilt creeps in but I don't want to entertain this thought and create problems that should not be there in the first place. To… Continue reading Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Child’s Small Wins (LHD January)