How Are The Kids Doing?

The first half of the year had gone by swiftly. Truth be told l, I’m still stuck with everything that had happened these past 6 months- some were good, mostly unexpected and heartbreaking. But I am glad that when it comes to the kids, I have a lot of happy stories to share. My first born… Continue reading How Are The Kids Doing?


20 Reasons Why

My daughter went home from school last week with a consent form that says I am giving her the permission to attend Journalism class everyday at 10:50 am. I smiled because I was in Journalism class, too, when I was in elementary and high school. I wrote for our school paper. I asked her if… Continue reading 20 Reasons Why

HAPPYness Project

5 Realizations From Go Back Couple (A Kdrama)

You know that I love Kdramas but I don't post anything about Korean series. Why? It's because I am not good at writing film or series reviews *LOL* But I have to make an exception this time as the last Kdrama that I finished reflects the truth about parenting and marriage, topics that are close… Continue reading 5 Realizations From Go Back Couple (A Kdrama)


What I Taught My Daughter About Friendship

My post entitled Light talks about lessons I learned the hard way from friendship and pleasing people. Recently, my daughter had an experience with a "friend" which led me to give her some advice about the reality of having friends and choosing the right ones. The memory of me and my daughter sitting on the… Continue reading What I Taught My Daughter About Friendship


“Mom, I did not bag any award”

Mach and April are months of recognition and graduation in the Philippines. You see white and black grad robes, flying caps, certificates, and cheerful faces of students, teachers, and parents (they can finally rest from baon and school projects!) It is also the time when students taste the fruit of their labor. Medals, ribbons, and… Continue reading “Mom, I did not bag any award”