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How Long Are You Going To Trust Him?

A friend told me that the true test of faith is not when everything goes your way. It's actually the opposite. How long are you going to trust the Lord and His plans when what's happening in your life is not what you prayed for? Thoughts about quitting my job is making sleep quite impossible… Continue reading How Long Are You Going To Trust Him?

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The Pillow

Last Saturday night, we were at the hospital for Zady's 4th anti-rabies shot. A group of people talking in the middle of Emergency Room caught my attention. I overheard that one of their family members just passed away. Two women who were part of the circle sat in front of us. Disclaimer: Hindi ako tsismosa,… Continue reading The Pillow

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5 Realizations From Go Back Couple (A Kdrama)

You know that I love Kdramas but I don't post anything about Korean series. Why? It's because I am not good at writing film or series reviews *LOL* But I have to make an exception this time as the last Kdrama that I finished reflects the truth about parenting and marriage, topics that are close… Continue reading 5 Realizations From Go Back Couple (A Kdrama)

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It’s Not Him, It’s Me ( For a Better Me)

Someone noticed that I only eat sandwich (wheat bread) during lunchtime and asked if I am on a diet and I said yes. She replied, " I think if someone is on a diet, it's because of the husband. My partner does not want me to get fat." When I heard this, I was like… Continue reading It’s Not Him, It’s Me ( For a Better Me)

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10 Things I Will Remember From Coco

Aside from knowing all the characters in Sing and Trolls and playing Moana's song in my head over and over again (read: LSS) getting excited when there's another cartoon movie released is what I acquired from my children. Just recently, we watched Coco (my little man loves skeleton and monsters) , a film about Miguel,… Continue reading 10 Things I Will Remember From Coco

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2 Decades and 8

It's 34 days before Christmas! Whoa! It seems like yesterday when I wrapped presents for our loved ones. Time flies so fast talaga! But before you guys get excited with the most awaited time of the year, I'd like to tell you that I turned 28 last November 2. Haha! I was thinking of what… Continue reading 2 Decades and 8

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October Fever (plus DIY birthday party tips)

There are two events this month that I love to share with you, my dear readers. I want to spread good vibes and happiness despite my heart being broken due to some decisions I had to make. October will end in a few and before I welcome my birth month, here are the highlights of… Continue reading October Fever (plus DIY birthday party tips)