Merries, Japan’s #1 Diaper Brand is now in the Philippines!


Finding the perfect diaper for your baby’s needs can be a frustrating – and sometimes painful process, as a wrong choice can lead to your baby’s discomfort, leakages, and even health concerns.

Babies’ skin has only about ½ the thickness of adults’ and is very delicate, which is why they need a diaper that provides extra care and comfort. It’s a good thing that Merries Diapers, Japan’s #1 baby diaper brand for 10 consecutive years, are now available in the Philippines!

Our own experience


Merries was generous enough to send me a set of their diapers for my little man to try. We have received new-born, small, and medium sizes. The first two will be shared to my sister-in-law who’s about to give birth next month and to my associate who has an 8-month old baby girl. The two medium-sized diapers (pull-up pants) were used by my son. Surprisingly, it still fit even if his current diaper size is XL.

I personally liked the strip that changes color when the diaper needs a change.


This way, you need not to touch the diaper every time you feel like it’s full. It helps prevent rashes as you know when you have to use another piece – the indicator changes its color to dark blue. I was also happy to learn that it has a tape which you can use to seal the diaper when you need to dispose to help ensure there’s no mess.


It has a cloth-like cover which is soft to  baby’s skin and perfect for comfort fit. 

Why do smart moms choose Merries Diapers? Because it offers seven (7) features and benefits :

*Tape type features 

· Soft Poo Leak Guard 
· Color changing wetness indicators 
· Excellent absorbance and Long             Lasting Dryness 
· Exceptional Breathability 
· Ultra Soft and Fluffy Surface that is gentle to baby’s delicate skin 
· Soft reusable magic seal 
· Merries Bunnies cute designs


Merries diaper is gentle to the babies’ sensitive skin as the material is so soft from the inside and out while quickly absorbing urine before the skin gets wet, thus preventing rashes and leakage.With a triple layer air-through system (tape type) and airy waist channel (pants type) that releases the heat and moisture inside the diaper, Merries diaper keeps babies’ skin dry and comfortable as they play and sleep.

Merries diapers are available in Tape type for newborns to toddlers up to 14 kg.  and Pants type for toddlers and kids from 6 to 22 kg. Get a free small tape pack when you purchase 10 packs of Merries Diaper at any participating stores from now until November 8, 2017.


The Company Behind Merries

Merries brand is the #1 sales in Japan for 10 consecutive years [#1 by brand in Japan Baby Diaper market in term of Sales Value share, based on research SRI data of INTAGE Inc., Japan from Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2016. (total of tape-type and pants-type)]. Merries Diapers are distributed in the Philippines by Vibelle Distribution, Inc. and are exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati, Rockwell, Shangrila, Ayala Cebu, Seda CDO and in 
Shopwise Festival Alabang, Sucat, Sta Rosa Laguna.

To get more information and updates about the brand visit follow Merries at Facebook: Merries Philippines and on Instagram & Twitter: @merriesph


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