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From Tapsilog to Suman: My Family’s Heart’s Day Story

This is so late but I want to share our Valentine’s Day celebration because we had many firsts as a family. It’s nothing grand but just like me, I’m certain that my children and husband will not forget that day.

My husband never fails to give me chocolates and/or flowers every February 14th. This year, P bought macaroons from Boulangerie 22 as gift for me. He knows that I love this because I bought a box last December after I watched Touch Your Heart (annyeong, Oppa Lee Dong Wook!) On the night of Friday the 14th, P took me out on a tapsilog and spa date. No bouquet and balloons unlike before but both of us enjoyed eating and relaxing together.


Since I would like my gift to be personalized (read: wala akong budget)  I decided to create Valentine’s Day cards for my family. The ever reliable Pinterest came to my rescue. I checked out DIY cards and chose the easiest ones. You know I’m not into arts and crafts so dun tayo sa safe 🙂 It took me less than an hour to finish all 3 cards. When it’s time to give my gift, I surprised my husband by texting him that a “letter” from Social Security has arrived. When he checked it in our room, it’s my card that he saw *wink* Naramdaman ko na kinilig sya haha!

It was my first time to give a present to my kids on VDay and they received their cards with delight. My daughter read and took a picture of it. I read the message to my youngest since he can’t read yet. The letter ended with this, “ ‘Wag ka ng iyakin at sumbungero” and he cried after hearing that :)))))


Before the sun rose the next day, my family hit the road and went to Antipolo to accessorise our car and for its blessing. Since it would take 2 hours for the labor to finish, we visited Robinson’s Antipolo to kill time . We grabbed a quick bite for breakfast at Starbucks then played at Tom’s World. After that we bought some personal stuff from Rob Department Store, had lunch at Liberty Wings, dropped by NBS for my daughter’s notebook and pens then headed back to the shop to get the car.


Our last stop was Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish located in Daang Bakal Road for the blessing. Ang ganda ng simbahan but too bad I was not able to take photos. A wedding was about to start and good thing we were right in time before it did so the priest attended to us first. He said a prayer while he blessed our family and the car with holy water. I also whispered a prayer at alam na ni Lord ‘yon *wink* We left shortly after the blessing and bought some pasalubong- suman and kasuy before going back to Manila.


It was almost 3pm when we got home. It’s our first “kinda” long drive as a family and my husband was exhausted but there was joy on his face. I look forward to more bonding moments like this. Thanks to our Papa driver for driving safely and to the kids for behaving themselves during our trip 🙂


Just when I thought the celebration was over, my thoughtful Ate surprised me and P with I love you balloons the day after our Antipolo trip. Best Actress ng taon din si Ate. When her Papa and I went home from church, she told me she broke her Papa’s powerbank and that I have to check it myself. When I entered the room and she turned on the lights, this melted my heart;


Kaya pala sinasabi nya na iniipon nya ang pera nya. A for effort, Ate! Thank you and we love you, too!

Whether you celebrated Valentine’s Day with your family, partner or friends and even if you did not, I hope that your love can be felt by the people around you all days of the year.

Lovingly Yours,


10 thoughts on “From Tapsilog to Suman: My Family’s Heart’s Day Story”

  1. Aw! I was smiling while reading this. We failed to celebrate this year because of school but at least we ate dinner together as a family. And my mom’s birthday was 10 days after valentine so we need to prepare. All in all, it was a fine valentine.

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