(Almost) 27 and Grateful


In a few days, another year will be added to my life. There are thousands of moments in my almost 27 years of existence in this Universe that are stored in my heart. I love to relive the memories that brought delight and made me dance in jubilance. There are recollections that crushed me. I cried a lot of times but my principle and learning are like sticky notes on my mind that remind me of what I live for whenever I’m lost and to keep me grounded.

As my birthday approaches, I’d like to have this Attitude of Gratitude. We did this during our Customer Service Week. We thanked our team for all they do. Now I want this to be a list of things I am grateful for. Let’s make this a short one, shall we? I’m going to divide this into 2 posts for you,readers, not to get bored πŸ˜‰

I will always and forever be grateful for..

1. My life. I am lucky to be breathing and writing at the moment.
2. My husband. I know how much he loves me. Thank you for being closer to God. That’s the best proof of your love.
3. My kids. You guys keep me sane and drive me crazy at the same time! Nonetheless, I love you so much.
4. Our extended families for accepting and loving us.
5. My and husband’s job. Okay, I complain and get stressed out but at the end of the day, I couldn’t thank the Lord enough for blessing me with a job that helps us live simply.
6. My friends. I love them to bits. I was hurt by some but I know who the real ones are. Those who always remember and care for my well-being. They are one with me in spirit πŸ™‚
7. My blog. Yay! Didn’t expect it would go this far. I thought it would just last for a month or two but here I am, still talking and sharing for 7 months.
8. My bosses. They were patient with the dramas of this working mama. I learned a lot of things from them and considered them as mentors.
9. My spiritual coaches. Oh Lord, what good deeds did I do to deserve such kind folks in my life? My faith in You becomes stronger and I am a better woman because of them. Their words of wisdom are food to my soul.
10. My Mommy and Mama’s health and life. I love you both so much.

Promise, I’ll finish this before my actual birthday comes. More people, days, and moments to be thankful for on my next post.



25 thoughts on “(Almost) 27 and Grateful

  1. “Thank you for being closer to God. That’s the best proof of your love.” TRUTH! I realized that the best thing I can do for my children (now grown) is for me to draw closer to Jesus, actually grow up in God–for their benefit! Well said!

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  2. happy birthday, Mommy Meg! Thank you for the nomination. I haven’t been reading and/or blogging for a week now. Bagal ng net e. hehehehe πŸ™‚
    You are one of the mommies I look up to, lalo na pag parang ayaw ko na magtrabaho. :p
    Thank you! ❀

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      1. Now ko lang to nabasa, ugh! Magpalit na ba ako ng blogging buddy? Hahaha kaso wala pang budget, tiis tiis muna. πŸ˜€ kakayanin natin, that’s why we’re called Moms! πŸ˜‰

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