Writing My Next 365 Days


When I look back on what has happened this 2016, for the most part, I can still say that the year has been good to me, my family, and friends. Yes, I was hurt, got depressed at some point, and failed, but what I would bring as I embrace the new year are lessons learned, more smiles, stronger faith, and a better me.

Having a New Year’s resolution is really not my tradition but let’s try it this time. I want to paint a clearer picture of how I want to write my 2017 story.

Here are the things I need to START doing:

– read books again (before I got hooked on reading blogs, books are my first love)

-make my dream board

-decrease my sugar intake (I love sweets but I love my health more)

– drink more water (Go for a healthier me this 2017!)

-smile more often

– be more patient with my kids and husband

– be kinder to the people around me thru words and actions

-a quarterly staycation and/or travel with my family (I want them to enjoy and discover new places)

– have my devotion notebook

– get more sleep as much as I can

I need to STOP…

– over thinking (It does not do any good)

– being too emotional (it gets the best of me sometimes)

– assuming/expecting (be prepared but don’t expect or you’ll end up being disappointed)

– online shopping to buy things I don’t really need

– browsing often on Facebook

– procrastinating things like cooking and doing the laundry (haha!)

I will CONTINUE to…

– do my devotion

– cook


– seek for new learning

– watch korean series

– strive to be a better version of myself

– be thankful EVERYDAY

There’s something about the change of year that brings hope and change people. Thank you for being part of my 2016 journey. Let’s look forward to a fantastic 2017.


44 thoughts on “Writing My Next 365 Days

    1. Yays! Marami, hehe. If you want new series, try to watch Love in the Moonlight, K2, Goblins (ongoing) and Legend of the Blue Sea (ongoing) My all-time favorite series are Moon Embracing The Sun, City Hunter, Yong Pal, Reply 1994 and 1997, She Was Pretty, Empress Ki,Sungkyungkwan Scandal, DOTS, I Hear Your Voice, Pinnochio.

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      1. Yay! City Hunter. Okay po ba yung Yong Pal? Airing sya sa GMA ngayon but hindi ko masyadong mapanood. Mukhang may mga cuts. Have you watched 49 Days?

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      2. Ganda ng mga joseon drama nila! Magaling talaga sila sa Historical. Well, halos lahat naman ng dramas nila may sense. Panoorin niyo po yung Nine Seconds Eternal Time na webdrama. 7 ep lang sya pero ang kyot. ❀️

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  1. Wow, we have similar lists! Except that I browse too much on Pinterest. To help my over-thinking, I’ve been keeping a journal and writing all my feelings there. Prayer also helps. I have learned that my tender emotions, which surface easily, are more of a gift. It means I can often feel emphathy for others. This world needs more softness, but I will say I was pleased this past year when I gave a talk at church without shedding any tears! Hope your new year is all you wish it to be. πŸ’›

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    1. I don’t know if I can give an inspirational talk without crying. I’m a crybaby πŸ™‚ Thanks for reminding me that prayer lessens our worries and that this world needs more empathy. There’s a lot going on everyday and the least we can do is empathize and show that we care. Have a great new year, Camie!

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  2. Wow! I love your list – and part of it is because I have so many similarities with you, haha! I seriously need to get back to reading! I used to read so much that I would finish a book a day. I miss that feeling where you feel dazed after a long reading session. I also am a huge worry-wart. I worry about things that have already happen, that are happening, and will happen. And of course! KDrama! Ah…my first and only love. It’s so addicting and bad for me, and because I’m a student, I’ve promised myself that I can only watch KDrama during breaks. So KDrama for me goes on the “I need to stop…except during breaks” list, haha. I’m currently watching Legend of the Blue Sea, but my absolute FAVE is My Love from Another Star.
    Also, seems like you’re from the Philippines? I used to live there for three and half years in the Fort Bonifacio area until moving to where I am now, in the States.

    So glad I found your blog today! Can’t wait to see great content like this in the upcoming year! xo, Stephanie

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    1. Hi, Stephanie! Glad to hear from another Pinay blogger. Kdrama is soo addicting no? The stories are not complicated and the actors are great. I miss reading. I would like to start reading again because of my kids. I want them to see me read a book so they will be encouraged to read as well. Thanks for your comment. I will visit your site! Where do you live now? Take care πŸ™‚

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      1. I live now on the East Coast so I’m definitely missing the warm weather right now! Hopefully I can control myself and continue my kdrama series after my winter semester. Best of luck to 2017 to you too!! ❀

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