Not Your Ordinary Shop: Uncommon Goods

I always go for something simple because it looks classier to me. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, dress, or bag, it has become my preference ever since I started working. One day, when we finally have our own home, I will shop for lovely house decorations and stuff. Just recently, I have found a website that sells quirky products. What piqued my interest was the items do not have much embellishments but they are eye-catching and you know it is not your ordinary goods. Simple yet uncommon, true to its name, Uncommon Goods brings you creative and unique finds, fresh from their artists’ heart and hand.


It’s great timing that I discovered Uncommon Goods because husband and I are invited to my college friend’s wedding in a couple of months. It is hard to think of a perfect wedding gift, really. We do not want to bring another set of plates or rice cooker, I am sure one or two guests have these presents in mind. Good thing this shop has solved our dilemma! Here are some personalized wedding gift ideas that I chose:

My friend, Redge, I hope you do not read this portion so you will still be surprised on your wedding day *wink*

Couple’s Bowl
Wooden Clock
porcelain Faux Bois mug set
Personalized Anniversary Journal

If you are planning to tie the knot and would love your groomsmen and bridesmaids to take home something extra special, take a look into these items:


Chakra Gemstone Bracelet
Wine Soaps
Birth Stone Description


Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener
Equation Geek watch
5-in-1 personalized socks

Babies are blessings and if you are about to attend a baby shower, there’s a lot to choose from Uncommon Goods’ website. I kept saying “oh, this cute!” as I scrolled down. See for yourself:

Bamboo Suction Baby Plate Set
Taco Mobile
Periodic Table blocks
Personalized Animal Prints

You can also grab one of the items below for your little one:

Shark Tail
Giraffe Hanger

More Than Earning

After feeding your eyes with their awesome finds, allow me to share what else I like about Uncommon Goods.

1. They use environment-friendly materials – Mother Earth would not be hurt if you buy from Uncommon Goods because their products are made from natural source, ( stone, wood, metal) 3rd Party Certified Synthetic Material and recycled, recyclable and upcycled materials. Even the packaging are designed beautifully to minimize the chance of being discarded. How cool is that?

2. Their artists have the chance of being featured online – Uncommon Goods dedicated a part of the website to the artists behind their crafts. It is time to get recognized and be proud to tell the world that you work for a stellar company.

3. Pay it forward practice – Better to Give is a project they have started in 2011. With every purchase, they donate $1 to the customer’s non-profit organization of choice. It is true when they say that giving back makes you more blessed.

4. Certified B Corp– B Corp is a third-party certification of a company’s sustainability. It evaluates areas including company governance, environmental practices, and impacts to local community. Uncommon Goods is one of the founding B Corporation in 2007.

Whether it’s for personal use or a present, Uncommon Goods is the place to be for extraordinary products. Like their Facebook page, Uncommon Goods and follow them on Instagram- @uncommongoods.



This post was brought to you by Uncommon Goods. All pictures were used with the sponsor’s permission.

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