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A Sweet Responsibility: Friendship


A friend loves at all times

      Proverbs 17:17


It was 2004 when we found each other. We came from different sections and walks of life. I lost count of how many we are in our circle. We just realized we were on the same wavelength :p

All that really mattered that time was the present. We did not care about the future- it’s scary and exciting. No bringing up the past- we were too busy laughing and making fun. Young and free. These words really mirror how our highschool life was. We had our share of heartaches and misunderstanding inside our group but we always found a way to work it out. People, meet this crazy bunch I hold dear- my high school friends.


I’m not used to being emotional when I talk about Zabhao (pronounced as “za-baw”) because these folks are the naughtiest and funniest. Never a dull moment when you’re with them.


For more than a decade of friendship, a lot has changed. We are no longer prepping for long exams, cramming to finish our projects, and practicing for Christmas Cantata. No more boyfriend problems ( a few may still have it,haha) Some already have their own families (we are godparents of our friends’ kids) and others have gone abroad.All of us are doing great in our chosen path whether it’s being a Super Mom at home or as part of the corporate world.



We got each other’s back, you know. One’s enemy is enemy of all. Just like what Mother Laysh said, “we break necks” *insert Gangster’s Paradise song here*


We explored places and enjoyed things adults do (eating, drinking and travelling) Wow, coming from someone who does not drink! Haha! Truth be told, I was not there most of the time due to my work schedule and other stuff but never did I feel out-of-place when I am with them.



As with all friendship stories there are down moments, too and the most miserable for me was when we lost our dear friend due to an illness. The group misses him so much. I know he’s a guardian angel now, protecting his family and friends. Missing you so, Tet!


We don’t see each other often. Some are not in touch anymore. There’s a dispute going on but I know we are friends by heart and in God’s perfect time, everything will be settled.



One of the changes I want to happen this year is to have more face-to-face conversations with my good ol’ friends and I am glad I started it with my highschool loves.

Cheers to more years of friendship! You guys are one of the reasons why I believe in forever 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Sweet Responsibility: Friendship”

  1. A lovely post. Having friends that come together and can pick up where you left off without hesitation is a true gift. The miles that separate you does not matter. When you build true friendships they can last a life time. Sounds like you have woven a carpet with many knots, strong knots that may wear in certain spots but it will always be beautiful and cherished.
    Well penned.

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  2. Aw…friendships are the best. Sometimes I take my friends for granted, but as I look back the memories, I realize that friends are so so precious. You look so happy surrounded by your friends – I hope that you guys have many more great memories to come! xo, stephanie

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