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Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 2021

Whoa it’s almost the end of the year! How’s your 2021? Mine is full of plot twists. Kabog ang mga teleserye. I read on Twitter that some are still waiting for theirs but my year started with a major twist and ended with one, too. I hope that all is well with you guys. What’s your biggest lesson this year? Are you happy with how 2021 turned out for you?

I was really hopeful when I welcomed 2021 as my previous years were full of suffering so, imagine my surprise and heartbreak when I found out back in January that nothing has changed. If there was, my situation got even worse. Being the resilient that I am, I accepted the challenge even if it meant that everyday was like hell. As if my endurance has not been tested yet, more and more problems came my way. Again, I am not proud to admit that there were times when thoughts about escaping this world crossed my mind but, it felt like that’s the only solution to stop the pain.

It was mid-year when I expected that things were back to normal. Oh, I should not have expectations then (lol) because for the nth time, my heart was shattered into pieces. I did not know who I am anymore. My self-respect and worth could not be found. I just sucked everything up and blamed myself for what was happening then. It was a hopeless situation. But during those dark times I discovered the strength I did not know I had in me. I realized that my children need a mother who’s courageous and sane. I was about to lose my sanity if I still kept everything inside. So after the long and tiresome process, here I am, a living proof that when you hit rock bottom, there is no away but up. Things will miraculously work out as long as you don’t give up, persevere, take actions and keep the faith.

If you want to know how we’re doing, we are super okay 🙂 I would like to give more details about my story but really, I want to focus on my learnings. Here are life lessons that I’ve learned from what I went through this year which will be my guide as I welcome 2022.

1. Laging magtira para sa sarili. Tagalog na yan ha. Haha! You can’t pour from an empty cup so love yourself. Be there for yourself.

2. Heal at your own pace. No one should dictate the moving on rule to you. Do it at your own time and way.

3. When you feel like you are a failure, know that there are people you inspire and who look up to you. Do not be too hard on yourself.

4. Always be grateful for good health, safety, food on the table, roof above your head, and having enough that you can still afford what you want.

5. You have talents and skills, you just need to acknowledge them. You are not worthless.

6. Be ready when an opportunity knocks. I am not saying that you have to go through suffering before you experience the good life but you’ll never know when a blessing is heading your way. So just be prepared and grab it.

7. Appreciate the good and learn from the bad.

8. There is nothing wrong with burning bridges when some people are not healthy for you anymore and they always invalidate your feelings.

9. It is okay to cry and get mad. Acknowledge your feelings. They are valid. Just make sure that pain does not paralyze you.

10. Keep those who remain true to you. You do not need a big circle. A few people who genuinely love and care for you are enough.

We often say “bring it on (new year) I am ready for you!” But I don’t feel like saying that after experiencing hardships this year haha! I prefer “be gentle 2022, okay? I am still healing from my past while trying to rebuild my life. Kalmahan mo lang sis!” than the first statement *wink*

I would not have made it this far without the Lord’s guidance and blessings. He sent angels to help me get through the worst situations. He blessed me with kids who are the source of my strength. I work hard for them, for their future. He gave me families and friends who understand with no judgment. People who never failed to love and support me even if I made sh***y decisions in life. I was such in a bad shape a couple of months ago but that Meg is the reason why I am more determined and stronger today. Self, the future is unknown. It is exciting and scary at the same time. But what’s certain is you will strive to become a better version of yourself and I will be there for you. Here’s a pat on the back for surviving and doing your best to end this season with a braver heart and a wiser mind.

“Malayo pa pero malayo na.”

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      1. Oo nga e, ang tagal mo nawala! Pero masaya ako na okay ka lang kahit nawala ka 😛 Ako, heto, pagod. LOL Hindi mo ko sinabihan na nakakapagod magkababy!!!! T_T

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