Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

This is Day 16 of Everyday Writing. We have to take a look into our unpublished posts, Facebook statuses or tweets to find new inspiration for today. I checked my FB page and chose this post I shared in our moms group a few months ago. It’s about how pride can kill a relationship. I am not perfect and there are a lot of things that I have yet to learn when it comes to marriage/relationship but I think this one’s worth sharing 🙂

Pag mgkaaway kayo,sino ang unang nagsosorry? Minsan ba kahit kasalanan mo na porke alam mo na sya lagi ang umaamo, talagang tinitiis mo sya? Dumadaan ba ang mga araw na hndi kayo nagkikibuan dahil nagaantayan kayo kung sino unang papansin? Ayaw mo bang makita ng partner mo ang weakness mo dahil tingin mo kabawasan yun sa pagkatao mo? If yes ang sagot mo sa mga tanong ko, it is time to change na sis. Pride ang tawag dyan.

Pride ang number 1 enemy ng relationship. It kills the love. Kasama nga sya SA 7 Deadly Sins di ba? Why? Because pride makes you cold-hearted. It makes you love yourself more than you love your partner and God. Instead of talking about the problem and find solutions, you wait for your partner to be the first to back down. There are times na gusto natin ang asawa ntin Ang Unang makipagbati di ba? Lalo na at sila ang may kasalanan. Pero hindi sya laging ganon. Teach them that pride is a no-no sa relationship lalo na sa Lord. Don’t be afraid din to show your partner your low points. That’s why our partners are here. They are supposed to fill our weaknesses and imperfections.

Learn how to be humble and don’t let pride take away your loved one. A simple sorry, being the first one to start a talk after a misunderstanding and admitting your mistakes only show that you love your partner and your marriage/relationship is more important than your pride.


Day 16 of Blogging University’s Everyday Writing- Mine Your Own Material

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