Sando, Summer, School (LHD April and May)

Since I skipped this post last April, I would like to end May with LHD. Ang bilis ng pasukan! And I’m excited for my Ate to go back to school even if it means more assignments, reviews and projects are coming because she’s in the  fifth  grade  already. Wew, in two school years, P and I are going to have a high school student.


Little Lady

I asked Ate if she would like to join McDonald’s Kiddie Crew and she responded with a no. Said she’s big enough for that kind of thing. My daughter would like to try a swimming class instead. Since this Nocturnal Mom does not know how to swim, I would love for her to learn it because it’s a skill that can save her life in the future (who knows di ba?) but the fee is high and I could not commit to the time because I was in the morning shift for a month. Walang magaasikaso kay Ate. Good thing she did not insist but as a mom, guilt started to creep in. Maybe next summer I’ll check what I can do.

Our daughter is very reliable. Before our Calaguas trip, I instructed her to send us a message to tell us how they’re doing, without my knowledge that there’s no network signal on the island. On our way home near the port, signal was available already and that’s when Ate’s messages popped up. She told us to take care and that they’re fine, don’t forget pasalubong and even called us several times and reminded P and I to take care. Isn’t she sweet?


Last week, we celebrated my mom’s birthday and rented a villa in Tagaytay. Ate is close to her cousins and they enjoy each other’s company. After lunch,the children were the first onest to dive. Walang kapaguran ang mga bata! They played until dinner and first thing in the morning next day. I’m glad that Ate was not shy and did not fight with her cousins. They ate and slept together. I’m hoping they could keep their closeness until they grow up.


One day, le husband and I bought personal stuff for us and the kids and I told him we should get extra ladies’ sando for Ate or maybe our daughter can use a baby bra already. P asked me to check the racks with this undergarment and when I was about to buy one, I hesitated. “If she wears this, she might think she’s a grown up and she’ll mature in no time. No, I’m not ready for Ate to a be a real lady.” I shared this to my husband and we agreed not to put some of that thing in our basket. I mean yeah, I know we can’t help it , children grow up and hit the puberty stage etc. but I would like to enjoy the remaining years of Ate’s childhood. I’m not a perfect mom and there are things we argue about but she’ll always be my baby girl, my firstborn, my first teacher, my frenemy. So in short, next time na ako bibili ng baby bra. Lol.


Little Man

Our Z is excited to go to school. When I tell him I’m late for work, his reply is “ako rin late school.” He’s imagining that his classmates are waiting for him. “Boy girl classmate!” Ask him what he’s going to do in school and you’ll get this answer, “sulat, basa book, laro, kanta, kain.” Sinong hindi matutuwa?


If Ate loves to swim, this baby boy is afraid to put his feet in the pool. It’s not his first time to swim but he’s as nervous as when we had our staycation last year. After multiple attempts and crying episodes, P was able to convince him to dip into the pool. Hay mabuti naman. Pero sa bahay, when he’s inside a batya, ayaw umahon. Ang gulo.


One night, as I’m about to go to work, Z entered the room and said, ” no pasok Mama.” I answered, “hindi pwede be kung pwede lang ako magabsent, di ako papasok.” My witty boy then replied, “sabihin mo sakit ka.” Hahahaha! I swear I did not teach him that ways ways. LOL. Dont worry anak, soon, I’ll have more time to be with you and we will sleep together EVERY night. God’s will, push!


What’s your April and May stories? If you’re a parent, are you done with your back-to-school preparation? Share!



8 thoughts on “Sando, Summer, School (LHD April and May)”

  1. Aww the baby bra dilemma…the feeling that you want to keep them babies forever if you could. Witty young man too, what a fun family. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love reading your post! Schoolboy na rin yung anak ko and his mom shares lots of experiences, even got a privilege to capture videos in the classroom para ma send sa akin 🙂

    Para ngang ang hirap i let go hano

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    1. Haha balak ko rin picturan ang junakis ko pag nagschool na. While happy ka kasi lumalaki yung naka mo nakakasad din kasi nga lumalaki na siila haha! one day di na sila baby.

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